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You have reached Engineering & Mathematics, a website dedicated to engineering, mathematics and open source simulation software that will help you both if you’re a professional engineer or an engineering student.

However remember, no matter what you do, nature will always be better than you in solving partial differential equations ;)

What's New - Last Edited: 15/1/2017

Minor update:

What's New - Last Edited: 06/1/2017

Back to work!

Minor update:

  • Added a link to MIT OpenClassWarein in the Links section

What's New - Last Edited: 24/12/2016


  • Added the second section on Math page, we are talking about Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE)

What's New - Last Edited: 14/2/2016

Here we go, redesigned website up! It took a long time but I think it was worth the waiting, I'm supporting even LaTex scripts for math ^^


  • Added the first section to Math page, we are talking about first order systems
  • Added an Octave tutorial on Bode Plot editing
  • Added an LTspice tutorial on variable resistance
  • Added new applications in the software section